Small unfinished wooden boxes for trinkets, jewellery, games, gifts and 100s of other uses

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Mail Order Information

The prices for each product type are given on the Product Information page and on each of the 5 individual box-type product pages accessed from the main menu. Packaging and shipping is added to the shopping cart total at checkout. Packaging and shipping costs are detailed on the Product Information page. Surcharges apply for airmail shipping to destinations outside UK and these are available on request. There's no VAT (sales tax) content in any of the prices.  Online prices are in GB Pounds, but if you are located overseas (e.g. New Zealand, USA, Canada etc) you can pay with your local currency and PayPal will convert it to GB Pounds. Please note import of wooden products into Australia is prohibited.

Ordering by mail
You can send GB Pounds, US Dollars or Euros cash notes, or you can send a cheque (check) or money order made out to Robert Oswald Quality Systems with the order form. But I can only accept cheques or orders made out in British Pounds, the cost of exchanging other currencies is too expensive.

I accept paper money only. If your order comes to an odd amount, round it up to the nearest paper money value. Either send it by recorded delivery, registered mail, or wrap it up well so that it is hidden from prying eyes or fingers. A bit of cardboard inside the envelope works quite well.
Sending cash unregistered can be a bit of a risk, and if your order goes missing, I am afraid you will have to bear the loss. I only know of three orders that were stolen over the last few years, so you must make up your own mind. My advice is: it's probably worth the extra postage to use recorded delivery.

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Cheques, Bank Drafts and Money Orders
A normal personal or business cheque made out to Robert Oswald Quality Systems will be OK.
For Overseas customers (i.e. not in U.K.) - so long as your bank allows you to write cheques in GB Pounds, you don't have to make any special arrangements, and you won't incur any extra charges on your account. If your bank does not permit that, then I'm afraid I can't accept a cheque or order from you, sorry.

Credit Accounts
I do not offer any credit account facilities and therefore do not accept corporate Purchase Orders. This policy is not based on mistrust. It is because many large organisations - especially in the public sector - tend to delay payment for as long as 90 days and often need reminders. As a one-man concern with modest turnover I have found that the time and work involved in additional administration can be very costly. Payment online or payment with order form is therefore required. Cheques, drafts, money orders and postal orders should be made payable to Robert Oswald Quality Systems.

Wholesale Information
As this is a very small sole trader organisation I am unable to supply large quantities of product or offer any wholesale prices. About 50 items is probably the most I could handle in a single order. If you wish to purchase any of my products at the retail price you are quite at liberty to re-sell them locally by adding your own margin. As mentioned above, I do not offer any credit account facilities, so payment online or payment with order form is required.

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